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Last year, on Good Friday, Derek and I had the privilege experiencing Golgotha, likely the most beautiful interplay between music and narrative we have ever heard. Growing up going to the symphony, opera, and ballet, I have always loved how beauty and meaning can be conveyed through music. I believe we learn and grow, and ultimately, who we are is called forth more fully, as we let our hearts and souls engage with true beauty and meaning in song. Our Creator seems to have designed us this way, and thus commands us repeatedly throughout His Word to “Sing to the Lord!” Truly, I agree with Hugo that, “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”

So, I want to take this opportunity to urge you to hear, reflect, and reap the benefits of this incredible work, Golgotha.  You can hear and purchase the 14 recorded songs, but if you’re in the KC area, you can experience it live.  If you are part of a local church body, it is worth doing all you can to bring it to your congregation. It is the work of musicians Jesse and Leah Roberts, and is described below:

“Golgotha [was written] to help the curious better understand the truth and importance of Jesus’ crucifixion. Complementing the beautiful visual history that surrounds the ‘Stations of the Cross’ tradition, they composed fourteen, scripture-based original songs that invite the mind and heart to experience the Savior’s suffering in new ways. With original music at its core, Golgotha uses powerful visuals, God’s Word, and guided prayer, to draw people nearer to Jesus.

Since its origin, Golgotha has had a widespread spiritual impact on numerous individuals and communities. The Roberts have been blessed to perform Golgotha in a variety of settings – from living rooms and chapels, to large churches and auditoriums. Their prayer is that God would continue to use Golgotha for His purposes and for the strengthening of His people.

‘Golgotha’ is the Aramaic term used in the scriptures meaning, ‘the place of the skull;’ the hill on which Jesus was crucified.”

When we were blessed to experience the program last year, we were able to read the lyrics and prompts for prayer and reflection while the music ministered to the congregation, and I was able to reflect both on my own relationship with the Lord and look into his sufferings at a deeper heart level than before. I saw tears being dabbed and shoulders quietly heaving in young and old, and in all kinds of believers, throughout a still and tranquil sanctuary. It was powerful to see the body of Christ so visibly prayerful and connected, and reflective and reverent. I do not lightly say that I consider this work as ‘Faith’ coming through ‘Art’ at its highest level.

Please visit the website to hear some of the songs, and if you are in or around KC, check out the dates to see where you can attend in person in the coming weeks. You will not be disappointed. I hope it blesses you as it has blessed, and continues to bless me!

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