Loving Jesus and Making Him Known

Bringing LIGHT into DARKNESS


Our Mission

A LIGHT SHINES is dedicated to bringing light into darkness, sharing the life of Jesus with those who do not know Him, and to encouraging a deeper and fuller measure for those who do. Whether you are a follower of Jesus and want to grow in your love and impact, or you think all this Jesus business is crazy nonsense, we’re talking with you!

Our Mission is Simple:




(loving our neighbors as ourselves through radical, simple service and care)

That grow into…


(one-on-one teaching and modeling what it means to follow Jesus)

That mature and multiply in the context of…


(specifically small, interconnected micro/house communities which are rapidly replicable, easily adaptable, and where each believer contributes to the whole, as we grow in following Jesus and making Him known)


Why Barcelona?

We have been called specifically to share the love of Jesus among the Catalan people in Barcelona. We believe the Lord is drawing all peoples to Himself, so every tribe and tongue and nation will gather around His throne. God has called us to the Catalans not because they need wells, nor are they refugees, nor do most live in slums. He has called us to a people and a generation who know next to nothing of the life and love and joy found in Jesus, and they have very little exposure to those who do. They are a people who’ve turned almost completely to secularism and have everything but Jesus.

But if we have everything but Jesus, we have nothing!


“What use will it be if you win the whole world but forfeit your true life?”

Matthew 16:26


99.5% of Catalans do not know Jesus, nor do they have any real exposure to those who love Him and can show them who He is. The near complete lack of any real knowledge of the biblical, life-giving Jesus is so low that some consider Spanish culture to be in a new pre-Christian era.

Watch the video below to learn a bit about why.

Life on Mission

Our lives are dedicated to sharing the life and love of Jesus with a people who know almost nothing of Him. We are committing ourselves to bringing his love and truth to the lost, encouraging the local church, and equipping new believers to turn their city upside-down with the love of Jesus. It is our greatest hope to see a mighty movement of God’s Spirit among the Catalans and the city of Barcelona as He brings lost sons and daughters to new life in Him…

…and to encourage you, as you pursue the same in your city.


Do you want to make an impact for god’s kingdom?

do you want to grow your love for jesus and impact your own city?

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