Loving Jesus and Making Him Known

The Jenkinses

We are Derek & Ashley Jenkins from Kansas City, Missouri. The Lord has called us to work for His kingdom in Barcelona, so that’s where we’re joyfully going! We have two beautiful daughters.



Growing up I became skeptical of religion after hurtful experiences with those who used Jesus’ name. I came to see all religion as superstition, and by adolescence I had decided to be atheist. Even so, I deeply desired to be a good, kind, purposeful person and live a meaningful life. It was in the hunt for that that I met the real, true living Jesus. I came to know him - the one who hears me pray in my secret heart - who answers when I call- and fell in love with him. There is no better joy than knowing the true, alive God and being known by him. It is amazing that we get to join in his creative work, to help others discover who he truly is and at the same time who we truly are!

I love being a mommy to my sweet girls and a wife to my wonderful husband. I also love being a friend. I am on a mission to see the beauty God has created in each person I meet, and to draw it out, dwell on it, and watch it interact with the beauty of others.


I grew up going to church and believing in God, but for me there was definitely a switch later in life when I was moved from being CONVINCED to being CAPTIVATED with Jesus. It is this captivation that has truly brought me to life in Him. We don’t merely bring an idea or worldview to people around us, but the living flame of life. That is what I want for others, both for current and not-yet believers. We don’t serve an idea, but a LIVING GOD!

Otherwise, I love being a husband to my amazing wife, and father to my two breathtaking daughters. I love photography as a way to create beautiful images of the images of God. I also have a hot/cold relationship with playing music. Currently trying to re-warm. :)


“The light shines in the darkness”


Friends of Ours

The following are merely a few of the people/organizations that have truly shaped and molded us for the ministry the Lord has for us. These are folks we love so much we can’t help but shout about!

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Avant Ministries is our sending organization base in Kansas City, MO with a long heritage of sending missionaries to areas of the world where they are most needed, areas with less than 2% believing. They have been an invaluable part of bringing this work to fruition and we are incredibly grateful for their encouragement and support. If you ever find yourself called to serve in the mission field abroad, definitely check them out.



The Gathering Network is our church home in Kansas City. We were drawn to them for their passionate and intentional love of Jesus and their desire to follow him regardless of the cost. Their willingness to listen to the Lord and work however He calls them has been a huge inspiration and encouragement to us. If you ever find yourself looking to connect with the Body of Christ in Kansas City, we highly recommend you pay them a visit.




AGAPE + (mas) is directed by our good friends with the intention of serving and supporting people of exclusion in Barcelona. They work with the homeless population, largely in the neighborhood of El Raval, offering help with social programs, equipping outreach, a reintegration house, and training others to reach the needy in their city. We love the work their doing in Barcelona and can’t wait to come alongside them. If you ever find yourself in Barcelona, join them on an outreach.

Agape + Facebook page (in spanish)


The Crossing was our original church home in Columbia, MO. We served and attended there for many years and they have played a huge role in our spiritual formation. We love the Crossing and are so thankful for our time there, as well as for their continued partnership in our lives and work. If you ever find yourself in Columbia, Missouri, we highly recommend you get connected to The Crossing.




LOVE+WAR is an amazing group of worship leaders based in Kansas City. Led by Jon Shirley, they are passionately seeking to live Jesus-shaped lives in the context of community-transforming worship and prayer. They have had tremendous impact on us in terms of learning how to see worship as warfare, and how to love Jesus with all that we are. If you ever find yourself in need of an encouraging and life-provoking podcast, definitely check out their podcast.



In the winter of 2018 we had the immense honor to attend a training in San Francisco, CA with a house church network led in part by Francis Chan. It was a brief but potent time of learning and seeing how to incarnate the church in a city much like Barcelona. We learned and grew so much there. Through their training and equipping, they are having massive national, and indeed international impact on the ways people do church. If you ever find yourself in San Francisco and looking to join the body of Christ on mission there, look them up. Or, if you’re pastor or missionary looking for a new perspective on how to reach people in your context, we definitely recommend their church intensive training.




Our friends Jesse & Leah Roberts have created a truly amazing work of art. Fourteen songs based on the stations of the cross are interwoven with meditations and original artwork. When performed live they are presented as an incredibly powerful and moving performance meant to deepen our understanding and connection with Jesus’ death remembered on Good Friday. If you ever find yourself desiring moving, meaningful, Jesus-focused music, definitely buy this album. You’ll be so glad you did.